100% PFAS-Free, Safe & Non-Toxic Dental Floss

Glowing Reviews

(From dental professionals & valued customers)

Dentist Recommended

As a dentist with a fixed bridge, I’ve been using ProxySoft Bridge & Implant Cleaners for ten years. It works better than all others because it gets under bridges and has a fluffy section to help remove plaque. 5-stars.

Joseph R. Zaientz, DDS

Best On The Market

I don’t use anything else. Gums are healthy and my dental hygienist is very pleased with my plaque free teeth. Best floss on the market!

Pam W. Keigley, Valued Customer

Best Floss Used for Bridges and Implants

Easy to thread between teeth from almost any angle, including the gaps left for bridges. My teeth have both wide and narrow gaps between them, plus multiple implants. ProxySoft has played an important part of my daily dental regiment and bringing back a healthy smile. Not to mention, my regular dental check ups have been the best ever, at least in part, because of my regular use of this product!

Howard Shanken, Valued Customer

Great Floss

The best dental floss for my bridge. No more waste like with the longer floss I was buying before. Thank you so much for your product!

Mary Fisher, Valued Customer

Best Floss For Implants

I have two dental implants and only use this floss. I have tried others previously, but only ProxySoft floss makes them feel clean!

Jim Dalcourt, Valued Customer

Reduces Gum Recession Around Bridges and Implants

I’ve been using these for years on advice from my dentist. Works great on both implants and bridges with no problem threading them between both.

John W. O'Meara, Valued Customer

Great Bridge and Implant Cleaner

For my two bridges and one implant: especially good for gentle but thorough cleaning of hard to reach places under and around the gum line. Highly recommend.

Tom Dolan, Valued Customer


I just wanted to say as an RDH, I just love your product! It makes cleaning my patients teeth so much more effective and efficient. Thank you ProxySoft!

Rachel Chimis AAS, RDH
Comprehensive Dentistry

I Use ProxySoft Bridge and Implant Cleaners Everyday

I like the Bridge and Implant Cleaners by ProxySoft. They work great and are easy to use. I like the thickness of the floss. I feel that my teeth and gums are getting cleaned well!

Neil E. Shrier, Valued Customer

Great Product for Braces

My daughter has braces and ProxySoft 3in1 Floss is a life saver. She’s able to thoroughly clean her teeth much quicker and easier than regular floss alone.

Angie Gross, Valued Customer

Excellent Dental Hygiene Product

Best dental floss particularly for those of us with extensive work–dental implants, bridges, periodontal surgery.

Sharon C. Stilwell, Valued Customer

Gets Rid of Left Behind Debris

Gets into the hard places in your teeth and dislodges any hidden debris left behind by other inferior products and does it without hurting your gums. Wonderful product!

Janet Allard, Valued Customer

Easy To Use

I have all bridges and implants and ProxySoft is the easiest to use for cleaning. The tips hold up well and there is enough stiffness for the back teeth.

William D. Funk, Valued Customer

These Flossers are a Great Solution

I originally had a sample given to me by my dentist. I have several bridges and food particles frequently find their way under them. These flossers are a great solution for those of us who have this problem. They are very easy to thread under the bridge and remove the particles. Love this product!

Louise K. Bach, Valued Customer

Nice Thick Floss

My dentist gave me some of the ProxySoft 3in1 Floss for a gap between teeth after a filling. Bought more and love them. The spongy part really works. I like that these are not waxed for my type of use.

Lester Moto, Valued Customer

Bridge & Implant Cleaners Tutorial

Designed with a proxy brush midsection that works like a spongy brush thread to sweep out food particles, plaque and bacteria. A stiffened plastic threader on each end of the brush allows you to easily insert the strand in between teeth without using a separate floss threading loop.

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