ProxySoft 3in1 Floss Travel Pack


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Promote healthy oral hygiene habits at your practice by handing out ProxySoft 3in1 Travel Packs to your patients.

GET 3 FUNCTIONS IN 1 STRONG THREAD – Each sample card has 5 pre-cut strands PLUS 3 functions in each strand!

BUILT-IN THREADER FOR HARD-TO-REACH SPACES – The threader conveniently guides the braces floss strands to reach tight spaces such as under bridgework and between braces where food particles usually get trapped.

PATENTED FLEXYARN BRUSH MIDSECTION – Sweeps off food particles and may be soaked in water, toothpaste, Chlorhexidine, oral antiseptic or other substances recommend by your dentist. This regular-sized proxy brush makes a great oral care dental floss for normal gums and mild gum diseases.

SOFT and DURABLE DENTAL FLOSS END FOR SIDES OF TEETH – Safely scrapes up and down against the side of the tooth and under the gum. Each individual floss strand is 70 cm (27 inches) in total length.

BEST FOR EVERYDAY FLOSSING FOR DENTAL and GUM HEALTH – Previously known as Thornton 3in1 Floss, ProxySoft 3in1 Floss promotes oral hygiene and dental care to clean tight spaces in between the teeth and under gum line. Unlike regular flossing threaders and dental floss picks, ProxySoft Dental Floss is more effective and gently in reducing gingivitis and other oral diseases.

Thinner FlexYarn Brush Midsection (Compared to ProxySoft Periodontal Floss and ProxySoft Bridge & Implant Cleaners)
Check out ProxySoft 3in1 Floss Dispenser Packages, sold in 100-count dispenser packages

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
1 Sample Card

5 Count Floss

Size of Individual Floss Strand

70 cm (27 inches)

Size of Plastic Threader

3 inches

Size of Spongy Filament Brush

6 inches

Size of Soft Nylon Floss

18 inches


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