ProxySoft Bridge and Implant Cleaners Travel Pack


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Promote healthy oral hygiene habits at your practice by handing out ProxySoft Bridge & Implant Cleaners Travel Packs to your patients.

FOR CLEANING DENTAL BRIDGES and IMPLANTS – A special-use, interproximal dental cleaners that features an extra-thick brush section to clean around dental implants and under bridgework. This spongy brush section is thicker compared to other yarn proxy brushes, making it a perfect daily cleaning device for care of moderate to severe gum disease.

NO NEED FOR SEPARATE THREADER LOOP – ProxySoft Bridge & Implant Cleaners have 2 built-in threaders on each end, conveniently guiding the strand to clean dental bridges and implants. Each strand has 2.5-inch plastic threader on each end and a 5-inch spongy filament brush in between (24.50 cm/10 inches total length).

RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYDAY USE – ProxySoft products not only clean dental implants but also work between bridges and promote everyday dental hygiene for braces and other dental orthodontics.

BENEFITS – ProxySoft Bridge & Implant Cleaners are beneficial for individuals suffering from periodontitits, gingivitis, gum inflammation, and gum recession.

TO USE: Carefully insert the stiff threader tip in between teeth, implants, bridgework or braces. Pull out the thread to allow the brush section to sweep out food debris and plaque deposits.

TIP FOR BETTER FLOSSING: Instead of pushing and pulling the soft yarn brush thread back and forth, just insert in one side then pull out on the other side in one motion to evacuate debris and bacteria that cause plaque and other tooth and gum diseases. With this method, you avoid pushing back and redistributing unwanted particles.

Thicker FlexYarn Brush Midsection (Compared to ProxySoft 3in1 Floss)
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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Size of Individual Floss Strand

24.5 cm (10 inches)

Size of Plastic Threader On Each End

2.5 inches

Size of Spongy Filament Brush

5 inches

1 Sample Card

5 Count Floss


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